There are more than 350 registered viruses in the family Bunyaveridae, making this family the largest virus family (CDC.org). There are five genera of Bunyaviruses, four of these include arthropod and rodent-borne viruses. The fifth genus are plant viruses and cause no known human disease.

Many Bunyaviruses are found in tropical regions where they cause severe human disease. One example of this is Phlebovirus, which causes Rift Valley Fever.

There have been cases of Bunyavirus outbreaks in the United States, most notably, Hantavirus, with a fairly serious outbreak in the early 1990’s in the four corners region. Since then, there have been smaller outbreaks in South Lake Tahoe, CA and in a few regions in Nevada.


Please note that the CDC website text states 350 species, but the chart from the CDC website state 250 species.