Microbiology Semester Research Projects

Sonoma State University

Spring 2009


AIDS - Lyndsay Alexander and Brianne SpencerAdenovirus and Its Use as a Vector & in Vaccines - Nicole Luke and Sara Specht

Allergies to Peanuts and Wheat -- Nicole Starr and Amrit Dosanjh Bacteria and Their Importance in Coral Death - Darcie Larimore-Arenas and Patrick O'Meara

Bacterial Diseases of the Cardiovascular System - Brian Gee and Laura Perry

Bacterial Meningitis - Jill Peanasky and Lindsay O'Kane

Botulism - Jason Howze and Andrew ChenCalifornia Sea Lions Affected by Leptospirosis - Lauren Sorich

Flesh-Eating Bacteria - Rachel Amato and Jenae Herkins

Hanta Virus and Rift Valley Fever - Janet Phillips and Sam Hall Is Mold a Serious Health Problem in Sonoma County? - Anonymous and Greta Schlieman Microbial Diseases of the Eye - Noel Vance and Teresa Mullings Meningococcal and Pneumococcal Meningitis - Melissa Watrous and Amy Buss

Mononucleosis & Strep Throat - Ashley Gonzalez and Keri HochstetlerParasitic Diseases: Toxoplasmosis and Malaria - Pilar Chavarria and Katie Gillespie Rabies How Transmitted and How Treated - Kerri Kill and Noelle Menesini

Respiratory Diseases, Scarlet Fever and Q Fever - Tania Fuhrman and Holly Warner

Tetanus - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments - Chika Kameda and Melissa Fabry

Toxoplasmosis in Sea Otters - Erica Baumsteiger

Two Diseases of the Upper Respiratory System - Ariana Castro and Justin SalterWonderful World of Acne - Megan Sutton and Annie Pedlar